How to choose engine oil

The lifespan of your car directly depends on how carefully you treat the components of your car. Every motorist, even a beginner, understands that caring for the "heart" of a car - the engine - is his first responsibility as a driver. Neglect of such a simple procedure as changing the engine oil can primarily affect the operation of the power unit. Find more here: royal purple oil vs mobil 1

How to choose an engine oil, when and how to change the oil , let's take a look below.

Regularity of engine oil changes

The question of how to choose an engine oil becomes relevant as soon as the time comes for its planned replacement. It will be useful to note once again that usually the regulated 10,000 km of run, after which it is time to change the oil in the engine, is rather a convention, which is influenced by the peculiarities of the operation of the machine. So, the following factors may prompt you to think about changing the engine oil more often:

· the machine is used to transport heavy loads;

· car operation often occurs in off-road conditions or a broken roadway;

· frequent dustiness of the air;

· a climate characterized by frequent temperature drops and severe frosts.

In these cases, it is recommended to change the engine oil every 8-9 thousand km.

The choice of engine oil. Practical advice

Car manufacturer's approval

The first thing to look at when choosing an engine oil is the car's service book, which contains recommendations for using the oil. Similar information can be obtained from an authorized dealer of the brand or official suppliers of auto parts for your car. The necessary information is usually presented in the form of a code - an automaker's oil approval for a specific engine.

Sometimes the recommendation is indicated in the form of a code according to the international classification of engine oils - SAE, API, ILSAC or European ACEA.

The importance of choosing the correct engine oil code is due to the fact that different oils have different chemical compositions and additives. An incorrectly selected fluid can not only reduce engine power and increase fuel consumption, but also lead to overhaul of the power unit.

Previous Engine Oil

If you purchased your vehicle from the aftermarket, be sure to check with the former owner which specific engine oil they last used. If you did the previous oil change yourself, you should have the necessary information. This is important for the reason that different engine oils are combined in different ways and an unwanted chemical reaction can adversely affect the operation of the engine.

If you do not have information about the previous engine oil in the engine, you can change the oil only after flushing the engine.

We choose only certified oil for the engine

Having in our hands information about the oil tolerances of the car manufacturer and what kind of oil we poured into the engine last time, we can start looking for the most suitable one from among the certified by the automaker.

An important detail at this stage is not to choose an oil based on the recommendations of the engine oil manufacturer, but to rely only on the information of the automaker. Again, you shouldn't take a word from the managers of this or that store: not always "new and better" oil in the engine will suit you.

Determine in the form, class and viscosity

Having selected from a large amount of engine oil suitable for our car, we must narrow down the choice as much as possible. It should be borne in mind that often, according to one tolerance, an automaker certifies several brands of oil from the same manufacturer at once.

The difference between these brands lies mainly in the form of oil (semisynthetics, synthetics and mineral), class and viscosity parameters. Paying attention to the last parameter, you need to be guided by the rule: the more the car has a mileage and the older the engine, the higher the high-temperature viscosity of the engine oil should be within the range approved by the car manufacturer.

When choosing the remaining parameters of engine oil, it is better to be guided by information about a previously filled product or the manufacturer's recommendations.

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